TIC-TAC ... a matter of making time happen! Talks about time, a time to grow, to mature and realize the choices that life has been demanding from the fadista, who from a very young age came across two parallel roads, where the speed and the time to go have narrowed, merging in a single route, by a single driver, Mara Pedro. Fadista and student of Dental Medicine, from an early age realized the value of time, the time that gives and takes, comes and goes, like the sea that hits the sand, always believing, you do not need to choose a single path, you want to stay with whatever time gives and lets do. This is his message: "We can be what we set out to be" It has created an ability to abstract from what it does not want, being able to focus on what it wants, even if it is not in the right time. If you have to study hours before the concerts, or even after them, you enter and leave the stage, presenting the same professionalism and that smile that characterizes it. After 3 albums and countless concerts in several countries (Spain, France, Lithuania, Switzerland, Germany, America, Canada and Brazil), Mara Pedro knew other cultures, heard other stories and built her own, writing during long plane trips. TIC-TAC was thus constructed, like a logbook, where it wrote what it was experiencing and feeling, enjoying a time that was only his. Master Custódio Castelo, his great friend and producer would have to strengthen this project, with his ability to perceive, what Mara wanted to say in his poems. To hear Mara Pedro sing is to let yourself be rocked by the sweetness of your voice. The girl from Viseu, far from the middle of fado, has in her voice a destiny that will tell a story.

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